Wildlife Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee shall be advisory to the Board of County Commissioners and shall be authorized to:

  1. Recommend and/or cooperatively conduct studies of Teton County wildlife and wildlife habitats deemed necessary for their conservation.
  2. Recommend guidelines, practices, goals, and policies designed to protect and restore fish and wildlife habitats in Teton County.
  3. Recommend regulations and resolutions that promote public safety, recreation enjoyment, and natural resource conservation and otherwise provide information for the purposes of fish and wildlife habitat management in the County.
  4. Recommend methods and procedures necessary to best manage properties under the ownership or control of the County or a Cooperating Agency as needed to meet habitat management objectives.
  5. Recommend to the Board of County Commissioners, within the limits of its funding, the employment of or the contracting with other parties for the services of technical experts or other persons as it deems necessary to carry on the functions of the Advisory Committee.
  6. Make recommendations in the planning processes undertaken by the county, the cities, the state, or the federal government and the agencies of these entities.
  7. Promote and conduct an educational and interpretive program designed to promote a fish and wildlife conservation ethic in the County that is compatible with comprehensive plan objectives.
  8. Advisory Committee members, employees or agents of the Advisory Committee may enter private property in the performance of its official duties only with the express consent of the owner thereof.
  9. The Advisory Committee shall have no authority over fishing, hunting, or trapping regulations or other wildlife related activities reserved to state and federal agencies.