Date: Mar 24
Event: 9:00 am County Commissioners' Special Meeting
Location: 150 Courthouse Drive, Driggs, ID 83422

9:00 am                MEETING CALL TO ORDER– Chair

                        1. Executive Session per IC74-206(a) Personnel Matters

                        2. Approval of Letter of Support for Ag Marketing Service

                            Farmers Market Promotion Program

    10:30 am    3. FY2015 and FY2016 Solid Waste Fee Refund

                       4. Executive Session per IC74-206(f) Legal Counsel

                           for Pending Litigation, as needed

                       5. Approval of Settlement Agreement for Solid Waste Fee Lawsuit

1:00 pm         6. Approval of Available Minutes

                               a.     January 9 Regular BoCC Meeting

                               b.     January 13 Special BoCC Meeting

                               c.     January 18 Special BoCC Meeting

                               d.     January 20 Special BoCC Meeting

                               e.     January 23 Regular BoCC Meeting

                               f.      February 13 Regular BoCC Meeting

                              g.      February 16 Special BoCC Meeting

                              h.      February 27 Regular BoCC Meeting

                              i.       March 1 Special BoCC Meeting

                              j.      March 13 Regular BoCC Meeting

                              k.     March 13 Town Hall BoCC Meeting 

                              l.      March 20 Special BoCC Meeting  

                       7. Approval of Letter of Support for Speed Limit Decrease in Felt, Idaho








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